Who Needs MACP Licence

MACP’s licence is required by any person, firm or organization who does or causes or authorizes a public performance or a reproduction and communication to the public of any musical works controlled by MACP.

Annual or Permit Licence

A licence is needed regardless of the manner of use, be it live or recorded and irrespective of whether a charge for admission to a performance is made. In respect of the public performance right, generally, it is the proprietor of premises at which music is performed or the promoter of the performance, who is responsible for ensuring that prior to any performance in public of MACP’s works, the appropriate licence is obtained.

Some common examples of premises requiring licences include; broadcasting stations, hotels, clubs, restaurants, entertainment outlets, supermarkets, shopping complexes, retail shops, hairdressing salons, dance & aerobic schools and factory premises.

New Media Licence

  If you provide a web or mobile music service or if you have music on your website, you are required to obtain a reproduction and communication to the public licence from MACP.

Examples of web or mobile music service providers requiring licences include online radio and online TV, digital music providers offering songs download, music streaming services, music e-greetings cards, online karaoke or games with music, mobile ringtones, podcasting etc.