Year 2016

20 Nov 2016:
Malam Mesra MACP 2016
MACP’s 27th annual dinner and awards show was held at the Royale Chulan, Damansara Hotel. The guest of honour this year was YB Dato’ Seri Hamzah bin Zainudin, Minister of Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism who was represented by his Deputy Secretary General (Domestic Trade), YBhd Basaruddin Bin Sadali.

Pn. Habsah Hassan, MACP Chairman gave a welcome speech which highlighted MACP’s activities namely Cipta Ekspres, Larian MACP and joint event with Arkib Negara, whilst highlighting the challenges faced by MACP this year and aspirations moving forward.

The night was filled with memorable performances by 6ixth Sense, Von Lee, Aiman Tino, Tasha Manshahar, Syed Shamim and Fredo.

Some of the unique features of the night were the award presenters, comprising local radio deejays from various radio stations, paired with each other.

Finally, there was a special tribute to A. Ali, this year’s Nadi Cipta recipient, by all the performers that night rendering some of his evergreen and classic hits.

The full list of winners and awards are as follows:-

  1. Most Promising Young Composer: Najwa Latif
  2. Most Performed Chinese Song: Wo Ai Ta (我爱他) Chen Wei Quan (陈威全) & Huang Ting (黄婷)
  3. Song with Highest Foreign Income: Tian Hou (天后) (Peng Xue Bin (彭学斌))
  4. Most Performed English Song: Together (Wong Yu Ri)
  5. Most Performed Malay Song: Gadis Jolobu (DJ Fuzz, Waris & Hattan)
  6. Most Performed Foreign Song: Putih Putih Melati (Ilham Febri)
  7. Top Local Publisher: Luncai Emas Sdn Bhd
  8. Top Publisher (Overall): Universal Music Publishing Malaysia Sdn Bhd
  9. Top Lyricist: Habsah Hassan
  10. Top Composer: Edry Abdul Halim @ Edry KRU
  11. Nadi Cipta: A. Ali
27 Oct 2016:
MACP and National Archives of Malaysia collaboration in conjunction with World Day for Audiovisual Heritage 2016
The World Day for Audiovisual Heritage is an annual celebration initiated by UNESCO to encourage audiovisual archives to showcase their precious collections and holdings as part of an international effort to promote the value of audiovisual heritage.

In conjunction with this year’s theme “It’s your story – don’t lose it”, The National Archives of Malaysia “Arkib Negara” invited MACP to organize a national appreciation and awareness day to highlight the contribution of songwriters and composers to the nation.

MACP director, En. Johan Nawawi was invited to explain MACP’s role and shared the story of his journey through the music industry. This was followed by a briefing by YBhg En Azemi b Abdul Aziz, the Director General of Arkib Negara about the importance of taking urgent measures to preserve their stories. He also explained the correct way to preserve such records and emphasised that by conserving our heritage, our present and future generations will have access to the wealth of knowledge made available for the public. Participants comprising MACP members, university students and lecturers took the opportunity to ask the panel speakers their questions.

The ceremony ended with a special presentation of artefacts by MACP members, Dato’ M. Nasir, Ramlan Bin. Mohd Imam, Fauzi Marzuki, S. Atan, Johan Nawawi, S. Amin Shahab and Allahyarham Loloq, represented by his widow Hariah Yaacob. Later, food and beverage was served and the participants had a chance to take pictures with MACP members.
23 to 26 Sept 2016:
CIPTA EKSPRES MACP 2016 in collaboration with Faculty of Music, UiTM Shah Alam
MACP held its annual songwriting workshop, Cipta Ekspres 2016 at Intekma Resort & Convention Centre, Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan recently. For the first time, MACP collaborated with the Faculty of Music, UiTM, Shah Alam to find the next generation of young composers.

UiTM was represented by 11 students and 3 arrangers. Among the students, 10 were composers and 1 was a lyricist. The arrangers were staff and lecturers of UiTM. Each of the 10 UiTM composers were tasked to write one new melody under the mentorship of established composers, Aidit Alfian, Azmeer, DJ Fuzz, Pacai and S. Atan. Popular lyricists, Ad Samad, Ana Raffali, Ahmad Fedtri Yahya, Zizie Kirana and Taja were recruited to complete the lyrics to these melodies with Greg Henderson and Riza Omar engaged as arrangers to record and mix the songs.

On the final night of Cipta Ekspres, the 10 new songs were performed before an audience and a panel of judges comprising MACP directors, UiTM and media representatives. The songs showcased were Habis Rasa (composed by Hanis Nurlina Azam and written by Adi 6ixth Sense), Selamat Tinggal (Nor Farahein and Zizie Kirana), Tergores (Aziem Rashidi and Ad Samad), Bahagia (Suffren Ghafar and Dilyla Khalid), Belum Sempat (Hakim Kamal and Ana Raffali), Seindah Dia (Azhad Sulaiman and Fedtri Yahya), Redup (‘Alaa’ Farhan and Adi 6ixth Sense), Aku Bermohon (Amirul Hamid and Ad Samad) and Halimunan (Farhan Anuar and Ana Raffali).

The jury’s choice for Cipta Ekspres 2016 was Raut composed by Amir Suhaimi and written by Ahmad Fedtri Yahya; which won RM1,000.00 cash.
18 Sept 2016 :
Larian MACP in conjunction with KL Car Free Morning
MACP had its inaugural Fun Run for its members, staff and media held in conjunction with the KL Car Free Morning (KLCFM).

The 7 km route started from Dataran DBKL and passed through major streets in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle. The roads were closed to allow for people of all walks of life to run, walk, cycle, roller-blade and even ride horse carriages.

MACP Director, Dato M. Nasir together with KLCFM Implementation Committee Chairman, Datuk Naim Mohamad, flagged off the run at 7.00 am, accompanied by the energetic music of KL Brass Band.

After the run, participants were served with light food and snacks, while they enjoyed the performances of Khalifah Band lead vocalist, Yabang who sang the hit single “Hang Pi Mana”, followed by music legends Datuk Nash and Fredo Flybaits, who both captivated the audience with their evergreen songs to sing and dance with them.

The event ended with a Zumba exercise session organized by KLCFM and lucky draws. Special thanks to our sponsors Star Idea Bizz Network, Galaxy Sports & Souvenirs, MBN Kangen and DSN Group Sdn Bhd.
11 Aug 2016:
Publisers Briefing cum Dialogue
A briefing cum dialogue session conducted by Ms SK Ng, MACP’s Documentation & Distribution Manager attracted 31 representatives from 22 publishing companies.

The briefing this time focused on giving publisher members practical training on how to use MACP’s online work search more effectively; to register works; notify performances of works in films, commercial or overseas; update changes of their particulars and works online.

Publishers were also briefed on registration of writer/publisher agreements & publishers/sub-publishers agreements, information required such as the start & end dates, original & sub-publishers information, etc.
Questions on ISWC (International Standard musical Work Code), CWR (Common Work Registration) and related issues were also addressed.

The 2-hour briefing and dialogue session ended with favourable feedback from the participants.
15 to 16 August 2016
Training cum Study Visit on Collective Management
MACP hosted a 2-day training for 2 officials from The Collective Organisation for Music Rights in Pakistan (COMP), a newly set-up multi-rights CMO. The training cum study visit was organized by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO). COMP was represented by Mr. Umer Sheikh, Chief Executive and Mr. Teymour Aslam, Licensing Manager.

Ms SK Ng, MACP’s Documentation & Distribution (D&D) Manager and Ms Jean Teoh, D&D Assistant Manager gave an in depth presentation on the principles and issues of MACP’s D&D processes and DIVA system with ‘live’ demonstration of the flow of each documentation and distribution process from the time a work is received by MACP from its member for registration till the member’s receipt of royalty for the work.

Ms Chan Miew Lan, MACP’s General Manager also shared her experiences with MACP especially during the initial years of set-up. Other speakers involved in the training included, Mr. Candra Darusman, Deputy Director, WIPO Regional Office Singapore and Mr. Ang Kwee Tiang, Regional Director, IFPI, Asian Regional Office.
14 July 2016
Meeting at MyIPO
Following the recently concluded MACP 26th AGM, a MACP delegation led by Pn Habsah Hassan had a fruitful meeting with YBhg Dato Shamsiah Kamaruddin, Director General, Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO) and her senior officers at MyIPO office. MACP was also represented by directors Datuk M Nasir, En Ad Samad, En Johan Nawawi and General Manager, Ms Chan Miew Lan.

At the meeting, Pn Habsah raised the members’ concerns regarding the Government’s involvement in the proposed NewCo to centralize the licensing activities of the current 4 Licensing Bodies in Malaysia.

Dato Shamsiah reiterated Government’s initiative to set up the NewCo was to resolve the long outstanding issue of royalty collections faced by both music users and stakeholders. She envisaged that by having a single invoice, the rights and revenue from royalty payment to rights holders will be better managed and will receive support from commercial music users. She also assured MACP that the Government will not be involved in the operations of the NewCo as the CEO will be appointed by the NewCo Board. She further explained that the Government appointed Chairman is an interim measure to unite the 4 Licensing Bodies besides acting as a facilitator between the Government and music users. The Government appointee Chairman will be for an initial term of 2 years as after that period, the current issues will be resolved and the NewCo Board can then appoint their own Chairman.

With the assurances received, Pn Habsah who is also the Chairman of the NewCo Protem Committee will work closely with the other Licensing Bodies and MyIPO to meet the target set by YB Dato’ Seri Hamzah b Zainuddin, Minister of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism.
24 June 2016:
In the absence of Pn Habsah Hassan, En Ahmad Izham Omar was elected as the Chairman of the meeting.

All the 3 retiring directors, Pn Habsah Hassan, En Ad Samad and Ms Ng Ayna were re-elected uncontested as Directors for another 2 years.

Other matters in the agenda which were approved included the adoption of the audited financial statements for the year ended 31 December 2015 and the reappointment of Messrs Ernst & Young as auditors of the Company.

Review of Financial Performance

Before the adoption of the audited financial statements, En Ahmad Izham Omar, who is also MACP’s Vice Chairman, briefed the members on the financial performance of the Company for the year 2015; which recorded a 4% growth in revenue over the previous year to touch RM55.3 million; with an excess income before tax of RM50.7 million.

Although income from broadcasting had reduced from RM13.7 million to RM12.0 million, General Licensing, Digital and Royalties from Overseas had increased to RM26.6 million (increased by 5%), RM10.7 million (increased by 9%) and RM2.1 million (increased by 10.5%) respectively.

Meanwhile, income from Mechanical which consist Dubbing and Synchronization Fee had also increased to RM1.1 million. Whereas, bank interest and commission earned from licensing and processing Digital distribution had increased Other Income from RM1.8 million in 2014 to RM2.8 million in 2015.

General Licensing remained as the biggest revenue contributor at 48% from 47% in 2014. However, Broadcasting had reduced from 26% to 22% of the Company’s total revenue in 2015. Revenue from Digital increased to 19% (from 18% in 2014) whilst Royalties from Overseas remained at 4% and contribution from Mechanical increased to 2% from 1% in the preceding year. Other Income had also increased from 4% previously to 5% in 2015.

Compared to the previous year, all sectors had shown increases except for Broadcasting and Entertainment outlets. Income from broadcasters declined due to the one-time arrears received in 2014 and the overall drop in advertising revenue earned by the broadcasters in 2015. Apart from this, the slow economy and continued confusion amongst music users in respect of Performers’ rights resulted in the collections from Entertainment sector to decline.

Overall, the revenue increased by RM1.8 million to RM55.3 million, but expenses of the Company had only increased by RM218,000 to RM4.6 million, thereby maintaining the cost-revenue ratio before tax at 8%.

Membership and Members’ Activities

The Chairman also updated members on the Company’s activities since the last AGM; which included New Members’ briefings on 11 August 2015, 15 February 2016 and 1 June 2016; friendly sports with MBPJ and MPSJ on 12 September 2015 followed with MACP Awards on 22 November 2015.

The Chairman also informed that MACP’s membership as at 31 December 2015 stood at 3,590 with 3,443 writers and 147 publisher members. Members were also updated on their benefits; which were reviewed by MACP’s Board annually, taking into consideration the increasing membership year-on-year. Amongst the current benefits are the following :

(i) Cash donation of up to RM4,000.00 to the family of deceased member for funeral expenses, depending on his contribution to the music industry;
(ii) Reimbursement of hospitalization expenses up to RM10,000.00 during the term of membership;
(iii) One-time contribution of RM500.00 to only one immediate family member for medical expenses;
(iv) Music Study Aid grant to members pursuing music or music related courses at local institutions of higher learning;
(v) Veteran members allowance of RM500.00 if they meet the criteria of 50 registered works with MACP and have been a member for at least 10 years; and
(vi) Free or nominal fee participation in members’ activities such as annual dinner, workshops, seminars and sporting events.

Payment of Royalties

In terms of operations, the royalties are directly credited to 2,600 members’ account or 90% of active members. Payment is made 3 times in a year whereby the payments made in March and December are for Digital and Mechanical royalties and July for General Licensing, Broadcasting & Other Income.

Upcoming Events

Several activities have been planned for members including the “Fun Run” jointly organized with DBKL on 18 September 2016 and MACP Awards on 20 November 2016. This year’s Cipta Ekspres workshop will be in collaboration with the Universities to provide opportunities and guidance to young composers to collaborate with established composers. MACP is also in collaboration with the National Archives of Malaysia to collect and store members’ works and personal information as a reference for future generations. A briefing by the National Archives, at a date to be fixed later, will be conducted for better understanding among the members.

Resolution on Set-up of NewCo

The next agenda was on the incorporation of the New Company (“NewCo”) pursuant to the Government’s proposal to centralize the licensing activities of Licensing Bodies in Malaysia. The Company sought to seek members’ approval to authorize the Directors of the Company to set-up this NewCo jointly with other Licensing Bodies.

During the Q&A session, members had raised several questions and concerns on this NewCo. The Chairman informed that the Board members of the NewCo would consist of 10 members where the initial Chairman for the first 2 years will be appointed by the Government. However, his role will be a non-executive position. Subsequent to the initial term, the Chairmanship will be rotated between a MACP representative and the Neighbouring rights’ representative. The other 9 board members will be from MACP (4), PPM (2), Performers (2) and one independent directors.

Upon concerns raised by members on the Government interference in the operations of the NewCo, the Chairman informed that the position of the CEO of the NewCo will be appointed by the NewCo Protem Committee which is headed by Pn Habsah Hassan. The Protem Committee comprise representatives from all the 4 Licensing Bodies. The Chairman assured members that in the event the NewCo structure is not what has been tabled at today’s meeting, MACP Board will seek another referendum from members as to their next course of action.

The Chairman also assured the meeting that both the number of directors and the 50% share of collections to MACP had been confirmed by the Government. If MACP is to object to the incorporation of the NewCo, the Government may withdraw MACP’s licence and thereafter MACP will not be able to operate. The Chairman further informed that all members should support this Resolution and view this initiative by the Government positively to resolve the problems faced by both music users and licensing bodies.

The Resolution was then put to vote via polling and after tabulation by the Company Secretary, 51% voted in favour of the resolution, while 49% was against it.

The Chairman thanked all present at the meeting and assured members that the Company’s Board of Directors will carry out its responsibilities in the best interest of its members. The meeting ended at 6.45pm and all members were invited to join in the Buka Puasa.
17 Jun 2016
Kunjungan Hormat Ke Arkib Negara
Perwakilan MACP yang terdiri daripada Pn Habsah Hassan, Pengerusi, En Ad Samad, Pengarah, Ms. Chan, Pengurus Besar dan Justin Johari, Pengurus Undang-Undang telah mengadakan satu kunjungan hormat ke Arkib Negara.

Perwakilan MACP telah diterima dengan baik oleh Ketua Pengarah Arkib Negara En. Azemi Bin Abdul Aziz, Pn. Habibah Binti Ismail, Pengarah, Bahagian Pengurusan Arkib, dan lain-lain pegawai Arkib Negara.

Antara perkara yang telah dibincangkan adalah fenomena ramai orang awam khususnya para pelajar di peringkat sekolah rendah, menengah mahupun IPT yang tidak mengenali komposer muzik tanahair secara mendalam. Salah satu sebab permasalahan tersebut adalah kekurangan bahan rujukan mengenai karya-karya mereka serta maklumat peribadi mereka.

MACP berharap hasil kunjungan ini, usaha sama dengan Arkib Negara dapat menyediakan peluang dan ruang untuk masyarakat mendekati, mengkaji dan mengenali secara lebih dekat para karyawan muzik; terutamanya komposer-komposer yang telah banyak berjasa menghidupkan industri hiburan tanah air. Pengumpulan maklumat di Arkib Negara sebanyak mungkin mengenai karya, personaliti dan sumbangan komposer-komposer muzik akan memberikan akses kepada orang awam sebagai sumber rujukan yang utama di Malaysia.

Satu taklimat akan diberikan oleh Arkib Negara untuk ahli-ahli MACP bagi mengetahui dengan lebih mendalam peranan Arkib serta maklumat-maklumat yang dikehendaki serta hakcipta bahan-bahan rujukan yang disimpan oleh Arkib Negara.

MACP amat berbesar hati atas peluang yang diberikan dan berharap agar niat dan usaha murni seperti ini dapat mewujudkan suatu perhubungan yang positif dan sihat demi menjaga khazanah muzik Negara yang akan diwarisi generasi, zaman ke zaman.
19-20 May 2016
Training of MACA representatives
MACP had the great pleasure of organizing a Training Program for two representatives of the Macau Association of Composers, Authors & Publishers (MACA), on 19th and 20th of May 2016.
The representatives from MACA were Ms. Terry Lee, the Public Performance Licensing Manager and Ms. Fiona Choi, the Musical Affairs & International Relations Officer of MACA.

MACP presented an in-depth look into Music Copyright laws, MACP’s role and responsibilities as a licensing body, management structure, membership, documentation and distribution of royalties and the different types of music licensing by MACP, in Malaysia.
The trainees also had a good experience of MACP’s licensing procedures on the ground and a taste of Malaysian culture and local life.
18 March 2016 :
Allahyarham Datuk Adnan Abu Hassan
On 18 March 2016, the Malaysian music industry lost one of our prominent and prolific music composers, Allahyarham Datuk Adnan Abu Hassan, who passed away as a result of a stroke. 

He was well-known for discovering new talents such as Fauziah Latiff, Siti Nurhaliza and Misha Omar, as well as churning out hit songs like Jerat Percintaan, Bunga-Bunga Cinta, Teratai Layu Di Tasik Madu, Di Persimpangan Dilema and Puncak Kasih. 

He was one of the founding Directors of MACP and played an instrumental role in the development of the company, until he retired in 1994. Later he was re-appointed by MACP’s members and served as a Director between years 2004 to 2006. 

In 2013, MACP bestowed Allahyarham Datuk Adnan the Nadi Cipta Award at its Awards Night, recognizing his many contributions and achievements in the music industry as a whole. 

This award-winning composer also received many accolades such as from Anugerah Juara Lagu, Anugerah Industri Muzik among others, and was part of Astro’s reality show Akademi Fantasia where he groomed artists like Vince Chong, Zahid and Mawi. 

He leaves behind a wealth of evergreen songs and a musical legacy that should inspire all music composers and song-writers to achieve greater heights. 

MACP express our deepest condolences for his family for their loss.