Year 2017

Notice on Royalty Advance & Music Development Fund’s Grant / Notis Tentang Pendahuluan Royalti & Geran Music Development Fund
As informed to all attendees by our Chairperson Pn Habsah Hassan at the recent Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on 16 June 2017, MACP is facing a challenging time since receiving the directive from the Government to form a one-stop collecting body for all four licensing bodies (MACP, PPM, PRISM and RPM) in Malaysia.

The new body, Music Rights Malaysia (MRM) Berhad, was finally declared a licensing body on 1 August 2017. Although the licence allows MRM to collect retrospectively from 1 January 2017, we do not expect MRM to be able to catch up on full collection due for the year 2017 by this year end.

Therefore, we regret to inform all Members that MACP is unable to give any royalty advance or grant under the Music Development Fund (MDF) for the time being until further notice.
Seperti yang dimaklumkan oleh Pengerusi, Pn. Habsah Hassan kepada para hadirin di Mesyuarat Agung Tahunan pada 16 Jun 2017, MACP sedang menghadapi masa yang mencabar sejak arahan Kerajaan untuk menubuhkan satu badan pelesenan untuk mengendalikan fungsi pengutipan royalti bagi empat badan pelesenan yang telah sedia ada (MACP, PPM, PRISM dan RPM) di Malaysia.

Badan pelesenan baru tersebut yang dinamakan Music Rights Malaysia (MRM) Berhad, telah diisytiharkan sebagai sebuah badan pelesenan pada 1 Ogos 2017. Walaupun lesen tersebut membenarkan MRM untuk mengutip secara retrospektif bermula 1 Januari 2017, namun kami tidak menjangkakan bahawa MRM dapat mengutip royalti tahun 2017 sepenuhnya, sebelum akhir tahun ini.

Oleh yang demikian, dengan penuh rendah hati kami mengumumkan bahawa MACP tidak akan memberikan sebarang pendahuluan royalti atau geran di bawah Music Development Fund (MDF) buat masa kini sehingga notis selanjutnya.
Dear Valued Licensees,

With effect from 1 October 2017, please be informed that all matters pertaining to annual and permit licenses will be taken over by Music Rights Malaysia (MRM) Berhad. Kindly contact the following licensing officers for further assistance:-

Annual Licence
Abdurahemsa Bin Mohammed Mokhtar
012-616 2656

Permit Licence
Ooi Yon Sun
+6012 576 0096

We thank you for your attention and cooperation.

Esther Leong,
General Manager
MACP Berhad
Para Pemohon dan Pemegang Lesen,

Berkuatkuasa 1 Oktober 2017, harap maklum bahawa semua perkara berkaitan dengan lesen tahunan dan lesen permit akan diambil alih oleh Music Rights Malaysia (MRM) Berhad. Sila hubungi pegawai-pegawai pelesenan berikut untuk keterangan lanjut:-

Lesen Tahunan
Abdurahemsa Bin Mohammed Mokhtar
012-616 2656

Lesen Permit
Ooi Yon Sun
+6012 576 0096

Terima kasih atas perhatian dan kerjasama yang diberikan.

Esther Leong,
Pengurus Besar
MACP Berhad
Thank You & Welcome!
With a heavy heart we bid farewell to Ms. Chan Miew Lan who has served MACP since 1994. As General Manager, her contributions towards MACP are immeasurable.

From overseeing the impressive growth of MACP since its formative years, managing the staff under her care and serving the members of MACP well, her overall achievements are well-known not only locally, but internationally as well.

She also played a pivotal role in building exceedingly good relationships between MACP with governmental and regulatory bodies, licensees, international affiliates and the music industry as a whole.

MACP would not be the respected body it is today, without her utmost dedication and commitment to the company over the years.

We are also pleased to welcome Ms Esther Leong as the new General Manager of MACP. Esther has over 20 years of working experience in the music publishing industry. She was the General Manager for BMG Music Publishing Malaysia for 14 years and during that period she has also served as Vice-Chairman and Director of MACP.

We wish Ms. Chan the very best in her future endeavors and we welcome Ms. Esther into MACP with open arms!
24 March 2017:
Allahyarham Johan Bin Mohamed Nawawi
On 24 March 2017, the Malaysian music industry lost one of our prominent and prolific music composers, Allahyarham Johan Bin Mohamed Nawawi (Johan Nawawi), who passed away as a result of a heart condition.

He is well-known for churning out popular ballad songs performed by Nora, Liza Aziz, Sheila Majid, Fauziah Latiff, Siti Nurhaliza, Ning Baizura, Erra Fazira and many more. Some of his popular songs include Sinaran (Sheila Majid), Desa Tercinta (Nora), Naluri (Nora), Jentayu (Sheila Majid & Nora).

He was a Director of MACP since 2009 and has contributed to many initiatives, among others the cooperation between MACP and Arkib Negara in 2016 to encourage songwriters and composers to preserve their music-related artefacts for the reference of future generations.

This award-winning composer has received many accolades such as from Anugerah Juara Lagu, Anugerah Industri Muzik among others, and has served in several panels of judges for various music competitions.

He leaves behind a musical legacy that Malaysians should be proud of, as well as other contributions in films, TV shows and animation.

MACP express our deepest condolences for his wife Nora Ariffin (Nora) and family for their loss.