Registration Of Works With MACP

Members should notify all their published works by registering your compositions in the notification of works form as soon as your compositions are recorded and released. The notification is important as the information supplied shall determine the amount of royalty income distributed to you for performance and broadcast of each of your works in the future.

Kindly note that the registration must be COMPLETE ie all the copyright owners’ information and share must be indicated in the notification of works form. Only completed information will be accepted by MACP.

If your publisher is a member of MACP, the registration is normally done by your publisher. But you should check the works registered with MACP to ensure that all your compositions are properly registered with us by asking MACP to print a list of your works for your verification.

If your publisher is not a member of MACP, you should register your compositions directly with MACP via the notification of works form which can be downloaded here.

Notification of music used in a film (registration of works in film pdf form) and commercial jingles (registration of works in commercial jingles pdf form) should be registered under separate forms indicating all the necessary information as requested.

Notify MACP of Your Performances of Your Work
If you are aware that your works are performed locally or abroad; do notify MACPs with details of the performances so that MACP can license the event or the music user or inform our affiliated societies so that you can receive your due royalties. The notification form can be downloaded here.

Membership Forms and Documents

Forms to be completed and sent to
  • Registration of Works Form
  • Registration of Works in Films
  • Registration of Works in Commercial Jingles
  • Notification of Performances
    Members are advised to read the Company’s Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association to have a better understanding of the objectives and operations of the Association. A copy of the Distribution Rules as approved by MACP's Board of Directors is also attached for members to understand how distribution of royalties is made to members and affiliated societies.
  • Articles of Association of MACP
  • Memorandum of Association of MACP
  • Distribution Rules

    E-Payment of Royalties

    Since 2012, MACP has encouraged members to provide their bank accounts for direct payment of royalties into their bank accounts.This is to expedite payment to members and eliminate any possibility of cheques fraudulently altered due to intercepted mails. Whilst many members have since complied, we note that there are still members who have yet to provide MACP with their bank details.

    Please be informed that with IMMEDIATE EFFECT, all royalty payments will be credited into the members’ bank accounts. This service is free to all members for credit by Interbank Giro.

    Members who have yet to furnish us with their bank details are required to complete the Bank Instruction Letter and email to or fax to 03-6413 0704.

    MACP will no longer issue cheques unless for exceptional cases where members could not open bank accounts. In such a case, the member is required to write in officially to MACP and come personally to collect the cash cheque. With IMMEDIATE EFFECT, MACP will not post cheques to prevent lost or mail interception.

    Membership Listing

    Whilst care is exercised to update the membership information made available to the Company, MACP is not responsible for the accuracy of the said information. The contact numbers are made available to encourage fellow members to network with each other. It also allows members of the public to contact writers and publishers if they have jobs or wish to use your songs. However, if you do not wish to have your number published here, please do not hesitate to contact the administrator and we will remove it immediately.
  • Membership listing as at 31 Dec 2019
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